Thursday, August 16, 2012


We arrived at Harvey and Lorna's house late Sunday night. We roused the sleeping children long enough to transfer them to large, comfy beds. After sleeping in Vinny for a solid week, it felt grand to be able to stretch out! You could walk around your bed, and get in on any side you wanted! And a bathroom just steps away! What grandeur!

We really wanted to be able to sleep in, but our internal clocks always had us up between 6 and 6:30. What delight to see the cousins! The children quickly bonded, while Lorna fixed us a breakfast fit for kings. Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, crispy waffles topped with fresh peaches and cold milk to chase it all down. So long campground meals. I conquered our small mountain of laundry, but otherwise lounged the day away. It felt so nice to not have any plans or deadlines.

 The children stayed cool in the pool, taking much needed naps  in the afternoon. Marcus went to work with Harvey for awhile,
 then caught a cat nap himself.      

Harvey lit up the grill for supper and we had another fine feast. Grilled chicken and a basket full of grilled veggies.
 Plus potato wedges done Mother Hess style.
( so Yummy! )

The children really played well together. Here Simeon and Madalyn are playing ball. They came up with many things to do, and our 3 days flew by quickly.

Tuesday found  Lorna and I  painting the bathroom. (Isn't that what you do with 9 children underfoot?) She'd  chosen a cheery yellow color, so we were "happy" to help :) The children spent another day in the pool,  as it was quite hot.We tried to work when our babies were sleeping. Our reward when we were finished was a dip in the pool ourselves.

We all enjoyed more fellowship that evening at U. Jake and A. Renie's home. They threw a pizza party for us, and it was quite delicious. We got a tour of their grand house, so we now have a  mental picture for when we think of them. Tiffany Oyler resides their also, and it was nice to see her too.

Beautiful old house. Lots of character.

yummy pizza!

Just missed the kiss, but I captured the smile:)

Wednesday found the men fly fishing, and the women shopping. The children were divided up between the two activities according to age. I was told later that Dallas almost got swept down river, it being deceptive to its swiftness. He was trying to get a fishing line untangled from a tree, in water over his head, when he got caught by the current, and he started downstream. Marcus tried to keep him calm and instruct him, while shucking necessities, should he have to go in after him. He (Dallas) was able to swim cross current to a large rock close to shore.
 Once more protected by the hand of God.

 We woman found a few bargains at a thrift shop, a fabric store, and a crafting place. Lorna ran into the grocery to get some supplies for our supper company. We enjoyed one more evening with friends from Washington. Lavern and Rachel Mason, and family. And Loren and Cindy Hess, and family,
 honored us with their presence.

Sharing around the table

Loren and Cindy Hess (Marcus 1st cousin)

Celebrated some birthdays with brownies and ice cream

my 12 year old

Lavern and Rachel Mason

Thursday morning found us once again packed up and ready to roll.
Harvey gave us a quick tour on our way out of town. First to his shop, where he runs a small trucking business. Then we swung thru Granger to see the little meeting house where they worship with fellow believers and reach out to the neighboring community.

Then came the time for goodbye hugs and kisses. Surely someone could come with us. Right?

Harvey, Lorna, Brooke, Bailey, Madalyn, and baby Teal Hess

We all made some more precious memories.
God be with you till we meet again.

The girls had fun posing for a picture with their new scarves.

I helped take Baileys 10 year birthday pictures. Here's one of my favorites.

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  1. Looks like a very fun time! LOVE the picture of Bailey! The girls and their scarves are soo cute!