Saturday, August 18, 2012

Crist homestead

We pulled out of Zillah mid-morning on Thursday, glad to have a pit stop to look forward to.
Hearing we were in the area, Sally went to all kinds of effort to contact us, and we decided to add an extra stop. We're so glad we did.

Chad and Sally Crist family

Sally and I go way back. Back to pigtails and denim jumpers. Memories of sleepovers on the trampoline and sunburned faces. Thru the teenage years, learning how to be grown ups. Sally actually had a big positive impact on me during those rough early teen years. (although she probably doesn't know it.) I remember as though it was yesterday. Walking with her as she faithfully delivered newspapers in our hometown of Covington. She was a year older than I, and always had lots of wisdom. I shared some struggles I was having, (mostly self-centered ones) and she truly played a part in opening the eyes of the blind. She offered a fresh outlook, a view that included more than myself, and ultimately one step closer to serving Christ.

saved from another meal-out-of-the-cooler

They fixed a delicious meal for their houseful of company.  Grilled chicken, potato wedges, stir-fried zucchini and green beans. Toasted French-bread and the juiciest melon, topped off with a frozen sherbet/ angel food cake roll. Don and Jackie were in from Ohio, enjoying their yearly trip. Chads mother, Jane Crist was present. And Anthony Brubaker from Pasco had an unexpected layover in his line of work, so he ended up at Chads also.

Our children made some new friendships. Shiloh getting in some more girl time, a treasured treat. They spent much time on their trampoline. Something Sally and I used to do often. The girls kinda looked like mini us's. (is that a word?)

The evening flew by too quickly. When the evening air became chilly, we cozied up in the living room. Tiana played the guitar while all the girls sang a sweet song that had been composed just the night before. Quite impressive! such talent! Then the girls moved to the piano while chad took over the guitar. A musically gifted family indeed, sending up praise to our creator.

The children  moved back outside to catch the last rays of daylight, and then used the night darkness for a good game of beckon, beckon, I've got a beckon! We adults spent the evening fellowshipping, Don sharing with us his timeless stories. We found it hard to pull away to get some sleep. We planned to leave early, having many mile to travel, and once again found it hard to leave.
Thanks for your friendship! Blessings to you and yours ~

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