Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Arrival at Glacier National Park

Breathtaking majestic mountains

 Spent the morning doing what you all did. Laundry, sweeping, computer work, and meals.
 Marcus and the children purchased our park pass and went scouting to check out this amazing place. We shared a quick lunch, then headed up to Many Glaciers for a short hike. The pictures tell the story better than I could.

Toward the end of our afternoon jaunt, the children thought they just had to dip their feet in that cool water. Ian got a little more than his feet wet.  :)

Simeon found a worm he thought might work to go fishing with.

   Saw our first grizzly, which they say are common here. After seeing the posted picture of a man's mauled face, we purchased a BIG can of bear spray!!

Dallas my adventurous one.

I had a very real fear that one of the children would slip over that terrible edge. 
Thankful for Gods protection.



  1. Its beautiful! Ahhh looks soo fun!

  2. That grizzly looks too close for comfort! Pics are beautiful!

  3. We're trying hard not to be jealous! Oh, the beautiful west!!! Blessings as you continue your travels! Keep posting - I look forward to it each evening!

  4. We are hoping that you were using your biggest zoom on that bear!! It LOOKS too close! :) So glad you are having a good time. Enjoy each moment! Love to each, Brenda and all...

  5. Yes we were using all the zoom we had Melanie and Brenda! not enough service to post this evening :( We're having a grand time and wearing ourselves out.