Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Home sweet home

This sign states "Easy come. Easy go."
That's the day we live in, and when we went flying through Chicago, it felt as if we were home.

After 30 hours of straight thru driving. We really are home!! My steadfast husband drove for 24 hours straight, then crashed for a couple hours on the back seat while his wife braved pulling Vinny down the highway.  So now it's back to the grind.

 I could post many pictures of the grungy things, but the produce is much prettier. This is what I'm doing. Like all week. On top of unpacking and repacking. We plan to camp with our Bethel church family this weekend, so Vinny will have to wait for her deep-clean.

Ahhh, but the memories we now have to cherish. We really did have a great time. We felt the protective hand of God many times. His glorious nature wonderful to behold. Two weeks flew by so fast. Thank you all for traveling with us! 

 Not sure if this blog will ever be posted on again. The young journalist kinda gave up on her writing, although she did such a good job!   Mom feels too busy to continue ~ need to start school soon:)
With love from the Hess'

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  1. Thanks for including us in your trip! :) Glad to have you back safe and sound! ~The other 'Hess's