Sunday, August 5, 2012

12 hours and counting

DAY 2 ~
Picture drawn by Shiloh Hess - Age 10

You really can fill up a twelve hour day in a van.
Started out the day with singing songs of praise. God is so good.
We are looking for all 50 states licence plates. found 13 so far, and 2 from Canada.
Do you know how many people text and drive!!!??? scary~
We've burnt through at least half of our audio cds.
Friendship bracelets have been made.
Pictures have been drawn.
Meals have been eaten.
Everyone but the driver took a nap. (all at the same time too!) ~ so nice.
It really is fun to study an atlas.
Changed a really messy baby diaper :/
filled up the van with fuel more times than I care to count.
Played on leap pad and other electronic devices.
Learned a little more about my camera.
Learned we need an upgrade to get internet access on the computer, so we're journaling on paper.
And enjoyed some blue, blue sky and wide open spaces.

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  1. The picture is adorable Shiloh! So fun to travel along with you! At any given time, someone in our family is saying, "Where do you think they are?" God's blessings & our love, The Todd Fam