Sunday, August 5, 2012

Auction and Action

Dear Diary,                                                                                                                     8-4-12
       This morning I woke in silence, I knew today would be a BIG day. If I was going to go with my father, I would have to wake at five thirty. I got up at five, and decided to wait until Daddy and Dallas would open there rested eyes, and come down stairs. Then we would go pick up my uncle David. After we picked him up we went to my Great Grandmas auction, for half of my BIG day! When we were done at the auction, we went home, and packed last minute things, then we were on the road for Illinois. We were on the road about three and a half hours down the road when we were struck by a powerful, blasting, wind and rain that made us almost have to pull over to the side of the road. We had to go through some stoplights that were out of power, so we just treated them as four ways. The boys in the back seat looked like jumping jacks because they were bouncing over all the bumps in the road. The rest of the journey was just a bunch of chaos that goes on.

   Whew, what a big day. So fun. Woke up with the sun, knowing half my family was already 30 mile south, helping haul out the many boxes and furniture pieces to be auctioned off today.
   My grandparents lived on a little farm on the outskirts of Phillipsburg, OH. My grandmother has outlived two husbands. Her first one dying from cancer at a young age, when my father was but a teenager. She was married a few years later to a tall, lean fellow by the name of Wesley Speicher, who became the only grandfather I ever knew.
   Their little trailer never changed. Same gold carpet and green couch with a cover on it. A little table in the kitchen that we would all squeeze around on occasion. The main highlight being an old piano stating its place in their bedroom, always at the foot of the bed. My Grandmother taught us a diddly on it, that my own children now play. A view finder tucked away in the bedside stand was the only experience of Florida I had as a child. One click at a time, we visited the many attractions that my grandparents had been to during the winter months they lived in the south. It always worked best if you pointed it towards the sunny window. Ahhh.... memories.
   Blink, back to the present ~ run a couple loads of laundry. Fix one more breakfast. Wake the little ones from slumber. Hurry, scurry ... and down the pike to meet up with my family.
My grandma Ruth Speicher, brother-in-law Galen Cook,
 and father, Stanley Frantz.
 Grandma arrived then. My father escorted her around (him being her only child left), to see her lifetime of belongings, all laid out on tables and piled in boxes on the ground.  Her other son and only daughter have already gone to their reward. Bittersweet is what she called it... knew that it had to come to this some day. Her rocking chair ~ their bed ~ a nice pan set ~ all with their memories. We found her a chair and sat with her as stranger carried away most of her things.
   Marcus left early, having driven separately. Time to go get last minute things done. I planned to stay till noon, trying to decide which relic I wanted most to take to my own home.
   Alas, the time came for us to say our goodbyes too, and head down the dusty, dirt lane. Maybe for the last time.

I found these little bronzed shoes tucked in a box of goods, lying hidden from the naked eye.
There was a note tucked in them.
Shoes worn by:
hand written in grandmas own shaky writing.
I think I found my keepsake.

    So, I'm driving home and guess what. I remember again, that, TODAY is my babies one year birthday. So what do we do? We swing in by wal-mart for some cupcakes. There must be a celebration of sorts. After he burns himself with the candle, and smears himself with cake, I give him a quick bath and shake out his outfit, hang it on the side of the laundry basket, and pray it's not moldy when I get home. It's past time to be on the road.
Ian Caleb Hess - 1 year old

Finally, we are ready for the road. Vinny, our '63 (sunset) travel trailer is packed to the max. Our van only carrying the things we need for the present. Everyone is jittery from excitement. Some a little grumpy from a short nights sleep ~ we say a prayer and pull out the drive. We have 6 hours yet tonight to reach our destination at Rock Cut State Park in Illinois.
Ready for the road!!

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