Saturday, August 18, 2012


One last piece of vacation, before the many hours of driving needed to reach home.
Yellowstone National Park.
Arrived in the late afternoon on Friday, and thought we might just drive thru. But, that didn't happen, we ended up spending the night, and glad that we did.
I guess we'll make up the hours another day :)

West gate entrance

Hot springs

Beautiful scenery

Bubbling pools of water

 Enjoying some ice cream while waiting on Old Faithful.

Thar she blows!!

Setting up camp once more. We found some grilled burgers in the freezer that made a quick supper.

 Ian promptly sat down in the dirt and dumped fist-fulls on his head.
He was quite pleased to be able to explore again.

One dirty boy!

We took an evening stroll down by the lake

On the road early next morning. The sun hadn't quite came up yet. So peaceful.

Sunshine. Jesus, our Son shine.


  1. Ahhh God's awesome creation!
    Looks like Ian had alot of fun in the dirt!
    The sunrise on the lake is amazing!